Character forms the foundation for behaviors and actions at work and in life. Your personal character impacts not only your work ethic, decision-making, approach to problem solving, and leadership style; but also can affect whether or not someone is willing to trust you. Stated simply, your character is the expression of your values and beliefs.

    Your character is composed of many different facets, or qualities. You may exhibit strengths in some areas, while in others you may be more challenged. The Character Strengths Index™ (CSI) is an online assessment that provides you a snapshot of your strength areas and others that may need attention. This assessment, consisting of 95 statements that you will rate, gives you a Strength Index Score on all 36 core qualities that can help you improve your potential at work and in life.

    When you complete the survey, you will receive a comprehensive 17- page report highlighting your top-ranked character strengths and the key character qualities that have a potential to derail your efforts and personal and work relationships. This report will also provide you with a set of suggestions for each character quality and help you create a plan for growth as you take the next step toward developing stronger, and more consistent, character.

    The Character Strengths Index will help you...
    • Identify your unique character strengths.
    • Understand the behaviors that reveal your character.
    • Uncover character traits that could derail your efforts.
    • Know your Strength score for all 36 character qualities.
    • Develop your character through a set of behavior practices

    Download a PDF of a partial sample report
    The Character Strengths Index helps you...
    Clarify and Explain Character
    The CSI measures 36 character qualities that are essential to success in work and life. Identified by business leaders, experts, psychologists, and leadership development practitioners, each quality is defined and measured individually. The character qualities include Cooperation, Determination, Honesty, Patience, Endurance, Enthusiasm, Discipline, Creativity, Flexibility, Decisiveness, Punctuality, Responsibility, Thoroughness, Trustworthiness, and Courage among others.
    Measure Your Character Strengths
    Once you register, you will be taken to the online assessment. You will be presented with statements and will be asked to rate how closely each one describes you. Completion of the assessment will take you about 20 minutes. Your personalized report will be generated immediately upon completion and will be available for download within seconds.
    Track Your Growth
    It is important to keep in mind that your Character Report is not a representation of how good or bad your character is. Rather, it provides you with a strength score for each of the 36 character qualities most influential in your work and personal interactions. Use this information to not only address areas you might be concerned about, but to also build on your strengths in order to more fully maximize your personal potential and reach your goals. The Character Strengths Index can be taken again every 12-18 months to track your growth.

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    The Character Strengths Index™ was developed by Strata Leadership, LLC a full-service leadership and culture development company. Strata Leadership provides a broad set of services to organizations throughout the world who are committed to building character-based leaders and employees.